Warning! I've been getting some messages that the installer isn't working. So far, it's worked fine for me, so I'm going to try and track down a platform/browser/install combination that fails so I can fix it. In the meanwhile, caveat emptor. Well, you're not an emptor, so just caveat.

CookieBar is an interface to your cookie manager, but it sits in your sidebar. It provides a quick way to look at your cookies, and to delete or block them. Check out the screenshots for a better idea.

CookieBar requires Mozilla 1.2.1 or better. It may work with degraded functionality on earlier versions. Specifically, the cookie list won't update dynamically on older versions. You may be able to force an update by changing to a different sidebar, then changing back, but you'll void your warranty.


  • View a list of cookie sites and names.
  • View the value and expiration date for one cookie at a time.
  • Delete cookies using the 'Remove' button or the Delete key.
  • Block cookies permanently using the 'Block' button.
  • Select a contiguous list of cookies for deleting or blocking using shift-click.
  • Select a non-contiguous list of cookies for deleting or blocking using control-click.
  • Quick access to the Cookie Manager.
  • View full set of cookie properties by double-clicking.
  • Sort by site or name by clicking on column header.

Interpreting Cookie Site Names

If a cookie site begins with a dot (.), it indicates that it is a domain-wide cookie. This cookie will be valid for all servers within that domain. For example:

Yahoo cookie

is a domain-wide cookie, and will be served with pages at,, and (among others).
This is also a domain-wide cookie:

Washington Post Domain cookie

but this is a cookie specific to the server named

Washington Post Site cookie

Were I to visit, I would get both of these cookies.
The reason I so carefully explain these distinctions is that CookieBar behaves differently from Mozilla's built-in Cookie Manager in this regard; the difference is not so clearly obvious there.

Future Features

  • View cookies specific to the current pages only. If anyone knows how to get notification events when a new browser tab is opened, or when the selected browser tab changes, please email me.
  • Have cookies deleted from CookieBar reflect such in the Cookie Manager, and vice-versa.

What's New
  • Huzzah! Initial release!

The cookiebar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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